Seller Café

Meet with an Amazon subject matter expert

What is Seller Café?

Seller Café is an exclusive opportunity for you to connect face-to-face with Amazon subject matter experts to address specific concerns, inquiries, or topics related to your business. Schedule a 40-minute, in-person appointment to meet one-to-one with an Amazon specialist to discuss strategies to help enhance and expand your business or get assistance resolving an issue. These appointments are an excellent way for sellers to connect directly with Amazon experts to gain valuable support for strengthening your business.

Seller Café appointments are now open! Click here to view booking instructions.

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Why Participate in Seller Café?

Seller Café is an appointment-based program exclusively available to in-person attendees. This program is not available to virtual attendees.

Specialized appointments:

With Seller Café appointments, we will help elevate seller brands and teach businesses how to succeed as an Amazon seller.

New in 2023, we offer two categories of one-on-one appointments:

  •  Case Resolution Appointments focus on account issues, compliance, policy, regulations, open support cases, and general account health.
  •  Program & Services Appointments will be offered for education on programs, products, resources, and tools.

New program offerings:

Seller Café will offer more program categories to choose from to connect sellers with the right expert.

More time with experts:

Appointments have been extended by 10 minutes this year for even more in-depth conversations.

How Can I Participate?

Please review all of the information below before booking your Seller Café appointment. 

Seller Café Appointments are 40 minutes each. They are limited, offered one appointment per registered, in-person attendee and first come, first served.

Step 1: Review Appointment Types 
New in 2023, we are offering two appointment types:

  • Case Resolution Appointments focus on account issues, compliance, policy, regulations, open support cases and general account health. Categories offered include Account Health Services, Buyer Abuse, Compliance and Executive Seller Partner Services (seller issue escalation).
  • Programs & Services Appointments include education and business strategy advice on Amazon programs, products, resources and tools. Examples categories offered include Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Global Selling, Buy with Prime, Brand Experience and so much more.

Step 2: Review the Seller Café Program List
Select the Seller Café Appointment Guide to take a look at the full roster of categories and descriptions offered before making a selection. Choosing the right appointment category is essential, so we can ensure you meet with the right subject matter expert, to best meet your appointment needs.

Step 3: Review Seller Café FAQs
Review the Seller Café FAQs

Step 4: Book Your Appointment   
Once you have reviewed all of the information above, select Book Your Appointment below to get started!

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